03 February, 2010

Providence? (Bukak Kamus Cepat)

The title was just for LOL. No pun intended. Anybody who can come up with its definition, please fill it up in the comment section.

This entry is dedicated to a specific lady, which I met once too many times at different distant places in such short period of time, recently. I have known you from before, but never got the chance to meet & greet you. Just so you know, I like your style, and I like your goofy acts even more.


Hopefully I didn't do it in such creepy manner. Just making sure that it was really you who I encountered the day before. I wont get into the 'I mean no harm' speech because that's what eerie people would usually say to fish their victim. I believe if there is nothing I can say to make you feel any safer, i suggest you keep your guards up. Sign up to any 'Silat' classes if you must, while I try to figure out a less disturbing routine to approach.

In addition to my other likes, I like your shoes too. Extra major plus points to any ladies out there who owns such kickers. Despite the female favorite of high heels, I often oppose the idea of choosing to be sore just in order to look nice. Sneakers are more comfy and convenient to be worn anywhere anytime. Even just for a walk at the park, for example.

(converse all-star: brown was her exact color)

Remember buying the exact pair for my little bro last year for a superb low price. It was later stolen from the front porch cabinet just after not more than 3or4 times of usages. Easy come, easy go. Take care of yours better alright.

Imran Syafik
Suka-suka biasa-biasa sahaja.


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