25 October, 2009

Place to call 'This is Anfield'

Well, if you haven't seen the scoreline yet. Here it is.. wuuhooOo YNWA!

Full report by Soccernet here

Right after the 'stumbled table & glasses break' accident back during the 90th minute of the 2006 FA Cup Final game. (Click here to witness greatness). We have bit of a problem to decide on our match viewing venue.

"We know the name, Son. Take a bow, Son"

After many many invites to watch live matches at the Baywatch, Tropicana by LSCM. We (me & Sheb) finally checked out the place. Atmosphere was pretty awesome as it is packed with Reds army all suit up prepared for war. Goal celebrations both by Torres & Ngog must have been really intense. Too bad we weren't there as we were there just for awhile. Perhaps maybe next time, we'd come back with more Kop friends to watch & celebrate great history in the making. We might as well make the place as our official match viewing venue.

We proceed to watch the game at a place with many more familiar faces. Jasema TTDI. The night did turned out good. You were right BEP. Lost my voice for awhile there after the excessive cheering & screaming. Nothing vulgar or offensive btw..

Imran Syafik
orang kata: entah kenapa entri kali ini ditulis dalam bahasa inggeris?

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