09 December, 2010

Current State

(bambang bimbang berjambang)

Current thought: I might wanna grow a beard. Above picture was the longest i have been without shaving. And yeah, that was while i was still unemployed. Ugly yeah? No wonder ure partner-less. :P

Current purchase: Books. It has been awhile that i had shown enough interest in books that i would actually purchase. But based on current life events, i'm gonna hide & bury myself in books :)
Left: Came across its sequel, man from the boys awhile back which actually leads me to this copy.

Right: If you have seen this awesome trailer, u would know why.True stories really moves me. Now i wonder, read or watch first?

Current feelings
: Isn't this is the most annoying song ever? Or is it just me? Cant help to sing along whenever played though.

Current lie: I faked my birthday to 11th December on facebook and got a fair amount of wishes. Dont you just hate attention seeker? Hahaha..

Current truth: The above says it all. Songs for you, truths for me huh?

Imran Syafik
reporting for duty

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