24 September, 2010

[Flashback] Night Owl Project: Futsal @ Sports Center..

Just got back from another series of Friday Night Futsal Friendly till i remembered about this entry. It was 4 years back when BBDO organized the Night Owl Project for a group of bloggers to write about their daily experience, nightlife activities especially. Getting paid about RM100 for about two weeks daily entry was enough to lure me into these so called 'blogging' world. However i was only managed to bagged RM70 due to my lack of consistency in updating. To my benefit now, it serves me as a form of cheating from writing new entry. As it seems much easier to re-post old entries, trust me there will be other Flashback entries soon. Only it comes one at a time. Not just because i have limited old entries, i try not to portray myself as such a sloth here. However, the link to the original entry will never be compromised. It not like your 're interested anyway.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

first of all, i'd like to apologies for not being able to update my blogs for the past few day. I hate giving excuses but the internet line got zapped by the lighting and my schedule was quite packed since the mid-term test started. Looking at the bright side, it proved that i'm able to survive without the internet. Anyway, just to make up to it, i kept track of what i did for the past few days and i'll update the blog soon.

10 September 2006
Listening to [Daniel Powter - Bad Day]

Knowing that my classes starts tomorrow, i start to wonder where have all my holiday times been? What have i done? How can it be so short? Just before reaching the final hours of my freedom, i desperately made plans in fulfilling my mid-term semester break. Without much thoughts, i relate the idea of my overwhelming increase of weight and the lack of any recent physical exercise. As conclusion, Futsal was the best thing that came up in my mind. Acting as the mastermind, i was lucky to get a court for tonite's game. Much at the most convinient time without having to book it early. Our regular place is at the Petaling Jaya Sports Center. Its one of my most favorable place to play cause of the artificial grass. And the itching of tiny little black rubber fills your shoes during the game. Anyhow, you'd get to wear ur football boots and the best part is not having to worry much about tackling or sliding ur opponent off their feet. Hehe. The price i would consider as moderate and we split the bills according to heads. More people, less cost. There are much more cheaper place but its either way too far or its fully booked. There are none exact rules except for, 3 goals or 8 minutes. Whichever team scores three first will stay for the next match. The leading scoring team stays after 8 minutes play. A penalty kick takes place if the game draws. Anyway, we played from 10pm to 12pm. 2 hours might seems quite long but trust me we spent most of the time resting while trying to catch our breath. 'Kita memang dah tua' (Old age is really catching up on us) was quoted by Shahnaz, despite only being 22. Anyway, if you planning to to win a futsal game, feel free to have us as an opponent. Hehe..

Some captions on these pictures..
Top Left: Aizat got a nasty swallow due to the clash with an unknown person..
Top Center: Zurin having a drink just after 2 minutes play..
Top Right: Self proclaimed winners..
Lower Left: Aiman is the definite Man Of The Match whenever there's a pretty girl within 10m radius of the court..
Lower Center: The losers go home..Bye
Lower Right: Good game boys.. :)

Later, hung out at Jasema TTDI for the post-match report and some 'Teh-O-Ais'. Got back home at about 1am, packed my stuff and off to dreamland. Mid-semester break is over and i pretend not to have any assignments..

practice makes perfect...
i m r a n -

Just as a reminder of how long we have been playing here. Under new management, the name of the venue has chanced to 'All Rounders Futsal'. Although we did try many other places, This place seems the the utmost convenience for the regulars. And they did finally keep up with their maintenance work. New turfs yeah!!

Missing the good old days ay?

Reading own old writings not only makes it feel nostalgic, there's such a feeling like embarrassment of yourself. I have no right words for it. Hopefully day by day i do get better in expressing myself that i wont be so embarrassed reading this entry in future.

imran syafik
what? i'm no longer 22?

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