16 January, 2012

Pieces of 2011

Some captured moments of 2011,
(clockwise outside-in)
>Harimau Malaya 2 vs Chinese Taipei 1, SNBJ
>Father's Day + Father's Birthday
>1st collision,  vs Swift
>Rocky Tabur Hills,
>Genting Highlands Super Nightowls
>Stalking Watching the girls play soccer, Project Ferro
>Gunung Nuang, so called Gunung Tahan training
>Birthday durian marks 27
>Symphony, Blood Donation + 1st Iftar
>Chi Fitness wall hang
>Mangsa Banjir KawCow
>2nd coallision, vs Nissan MPV
>In car cherry bomber accident
>Genting short getaway,
>Love is a burning thing with UM07
>Happy sardines on the way to SNBJ
>A pool to cool, too cool
>KL Tower Heritage Explorace with Lil Bro
>End of the year chill with MOL Techies
>B is for Brilliant
>Redneck ride pimping with Acp

Happy New Year, Selamat Tahun baru 2012
Have a pleasant year ahead
Rasa macam baru semalam sambut tahun baru 1972
Sekarang dah 2012

imran syafik
Travel more often, take more photos..