19 December, 2012

Big Bad Wolf. Woof wooff..

Now it's that time again, hiding my fat arse behind self built fortress walls made up by books. 

Just got back from Big Bad Wolf (or some would call it BebeWoof thanks to @AfraTaidin via her twitter). Damage of RM170 for 21 books in total. Ain't that awesome. You won't find any other cheaper good books like these. I however has to put up a dateline to finish up all these books by Mid year 2013 or I'd say I won't finish (or even start) any of them. Although some might consider these books are off season, but a good read will always remains. Plus, a book is always new until you've read it. Right? I know I've read that somewhere.

Okay, for those who have no idea of whatsoever this BebeWoof thing is, BBW (yes, i'll use that from now on) is the world's biggest booksale starting from 7 until 23 of December 2012 (yes they are open tomorrow as i am writing this) at the Mines Convention Centre (MIECC). For more information do refer to their website here.

As for me, being at the last BBW, they are really expanding this time. Bigger space, more tittles, better promotion I'd say. Imagine 3 million books. And i guess that would take my whole life, die, brought back to life to continue reading then die again just to finish them all. That is reading at my pace in this case. Arrived at approximately at 1400 hoping to be home by 1600, but this is no regular book store visit and as to cut stories short we took about 3 hours of injury time. Amekau, gempak kan? Huhuhu. Padahal takdelah gempak apa pun..

Okay, the reason for this entry is this. Once I'm done with any of my newly bought books, I'll put them under the +Library section on the right side of this ugly blog. This is just in case if any of you would like to temporarily exchange books. Book trades that sort of thing. No fees and no charge. Suggest and send me your favorite book and choose any book(s) within my possession to trade. Sending fee to be beared by the sender. Fair enough? Jangan buat harta sudah. Aku sayang buku-buku tu okayy..

Gambar buku-buku nanti upload, sekarang tengah kemalasan melanda. (this usually means never)

imran syafik bin ahmad
so you got any favorites?