31 July, 2012


Today I’m feeling skeptical. And today is also the day I would like to compare LOVE vs. HATE. It’s not like I’m an expert or anything, but please bear with me. At the moment, these are my current perspective but someone please prove me that I’m wrong. I wanna believe in those fairytales again. Hahaha..
First is LOVE
And the other is HATE
Two words which oppose each other. Contrast. Antonyms. Means the opposite.
Despite whatever your definitions are, I do believe you have a general idea of what they both means.
But when you put these two words together, either way
Read it again, and try to understand. I can feel that HATE does have a greater impact compared to LOVE. With LOVE HATE, my understanding leads as if you love to hate. Which in most ways is kind of negative? Wouldn’t you agree? The other, HATE LOVE. You simply hate to love. Must have been through some hell of a love life to actually hate it. Yet another negative result. Still, HATE triumphs don’t you see?

Maybe it’s a language thing?
Maybe l’m understanding it wrong?
Maybe there’s something I’m missing here?

they love LOVE so much that they have made a symbol for it. Any other emotions with any symbol?

Some might point out, HATE is when the absence of LOVE
Well, what if LOVE is when the absence of HATE
So, what is our nature?

**Someone close recently suggested that HATE is not the opposite of LOVE. Its INDIFFERENT or APATHY. Well, put that into the equation just to stir up your mind a lil bit. Might as well have your own say here..

Imran Syafik
Or maybe  I’m just all dark inside?